Heroes Anonymous 20XX

Warehouse Raid
Why do they always hide in warehouses?

Our heroes meet with the father of Club and Heart, Spade‘s former teammates, trying to track down any clues to the villain’s whereabouts.

The interview leads them to a well fortified warehouse. Hijack comes with a plan that involves using Emilia’s sex appeal to attract the lonely door guard outside their fortifications, where she can mind control and interrogate him at her leisure.

Once inside, thanks to a timely distraction by their new mind-controlled friend, our heroes use the element of surprise to get the drop on Heart, as well as the few guards that were still remaining. Heart orders his minions, and convinces his sister Club once she returns from investigating the distraction, to surrender. Fighting would ultimately lead to more deaths that their boss would find unacceptable.

Now in custody, perhaps our heroes can get some answers.

Meeting in the Park
Not very subtle

Our heroes head to BC Central Park to meet this mysterious “D” that claims to have information for them. They arrive early to scope the place and make sure it’s not a trap. Using his super speed and xray vision, Killzone scouts around and finds nothing particularly dangerous. The Janitor discovers a suspicious squirrel, but cannot get it to talk.

Finally the mysterious informant shows up, and is apparently Chief Inspector Denny herself. She provided some information to our heroes: Spade killed his partner (it wasn’t an accident) and is trying to acquire the Vanmoth artifacts to do whatever ritual they’re apparently a part of. Denny also reveals 4 more cards the police have found, including one that was stolen from MegaSpell.

Finally, Denny offers some confidential files containing info on the private lives of Spade’s two living former teammates. She has no idea if they’re still involved, but maybe they have some info our heroes can get out of them.

Police Visit

Our heroes drag the survivors and victim of the Hugogggyoth cult attack to the police station, where they are allowed to interrogate them. Hijack starts with one of the cultists who, after a bit of ‘convincing’ with mind control, spills all the beans. At least, all the beans he knows, which isn’t much being a grunt. The group does get an address of the cultist meet-up point, at least.

Afterwards, Stopwatch speaks with the woman they rescued, who doesn’t know much. She is apparently a minor conduit that ‘Hugo’ used to channel the two horrors into the real world. On our hero’s way out of the building, they are stopped by one Arron Ivor, a police officer that wanted to thank the heroes for saving him from The Spelling Bee and his minions back at the Museum of Generic yadayada.

Realizing the officer might know something, our heroes question him and come to the realization his memory had been altered. After some mental digging on Hijack’s part, she discovers the face of the real perpetrator that made off with the artifact. Officer Ivor offers to assist the group figuring out the identity of this masked man, and leads them to the police database.

While Hijack stays behind to go through the archive, the rest of the group head out to inspect the address they pulled out of the cultist. Unfortunately, the warehouse was completely cleaned out. Like, literally. Even The Janitor could not find a speck of dust to wipe clean. Clearly, whoever was here (likely cultists), they cleaned up after themselves when they ditched the place.

Meanwhile, Hijack’s search through the database discovers the identity of the masked villain: Spade, a former hero. Apparently a master of illusions, magic, and a dabbler of mind control, Spade was part of a team of supers called the Four Suits, before one of his allies was mysteriously killed and the team vanished. Whether the remaining Suits are helping Spade or not is currently unknown.

Finally, Hijack receives an email saying the sender has information regarding their investigation, referring to themselves only as “D”. Our heroes plan to meet this mysterious stranger at the park the next morning…


On the way back home from the disappointing events at the ESPER Academy, our heroes are set-upon by a set of otherworldly horrors sent by Hugogggyoth, a god after Arturo Erikson.

Not having much hope of taking on otherworldly horrors, especially when they have so many tentacles, the group discovers the location of a ritual keeping the mass of tentacles in this world. Interrupting the ritual causes the horrors to dissipate, and our heroes now bring the two surviving cultists to the police station, as well as an unconscious woman that was part of the ritual.

The Key(stone) at ESPER Academy

Our heroes are shocked to learn that the Medallion of Ikthor they had previously kept out of the clutches of The Spelling Bee has been stolen! Their only clue to the perpetrator was a playing card left in the medallion’s place: the 8 of Spades.

With some research, our heroes discover the medallion is a set of 13 artifacts that, when combined, are used for some mysterious magical ritual. Five of these artifacts have been ‘lost’, location unknown, but the other 8 are still known. At least, until the Medallion of Ikthor was stolen, which perhaps makes it a ‘lost’ artifact as well.

While researching, Hijack recognizes one of the ‘lost’ artifacts from her time at the ESPER Academy. Located above the main gate of the school, the Keystone is apparently one of the lost artifacts, hidden in plain sight by the founder of the Academy. Unfortunately, when they try to inspect the artifact for new clues, they discover the Keystone currently over the gate is merely an illusion, replaced by a single playing card: the 5 of Spades.

Bee-t Down

Our heroes make their way through the hordes of minions to the back of the Museum of Generic Science and Human Culture. Swarms of bees posed a bit of a problem until Hijack managed to get the fire suppression sprinklers activated, which drove the bees away.

Finally entering the Ancient Cultures branch from both sides, our heroes find The Spelling Bee holding the Medallion of Ikthor. He does not even get a chance to begin a monologue before Killzone leaps into action and takes him down.

The remaining minions put up a fight, doing quite a lot of damage to Erica Brightfield, who thankfully does manage to survive the hail of AK47 rounds. However, without their boss, they quickly surrender.

Afterward a brief interview with a police inspector, who they never caught the name of, the fully formed team head to the Hero Highrise to take a look at their new digs. And take showers. Sadly, it isn’t quite what they expected.

Unexpected Allies
Arriving just in time

Having entered the Museum, our heroes are set upon by a bunch of losers in silly-looking yellow and black hoodies. Unfortunately, they do have weapons, so our heroes go about pummeling them.

During the battle, two newcomers arrive and assist the heroes in cleaning up, joining the group without any questions asked. The heroine Hijack used her powers to mind control one of the goons, and discovered some of what they’re up to. Apparently their boss is after something in the Ancient Cultures section of the museum. Thankfully, one of the newcomer heroes happens to work at this very museum, so knows exactly where their destination lies.

The reinforced group decides to split into two to go down both paths of the museum to make sure they clean out all the goons.

An Unlikely Team

Our heroes (at least the majority of them) meet for the first time at the Heroes Guild Team Formation Center. It is mostly dominated by the mind-reading teenager being a hero for Community Service.

After a brief car-juggling event in the parking lot, our heroes are informed that the nearby Museum of Generic Science and Human Culture is under attack by a strange group of people, so we head out to look into it.

Arriving on the scene, the cops are keeping civilians out of the museum. After a brief bit of information gathering, we head in to do our civic duty, and are immediately set upon by some men in ridiculous looking yellow and black hoodies.


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