Sir Isaac Integer, super inventor, flower arrangement master


Transiston has been known to be seen flying about the city from time to time. Unlike the typical hero with wings or rocket boots, he sports a full-sized flying Cadillac. As he is retired, his identity has since been revealed to be the business tycoon, Sir Isaac Integer. He has a thick white moustache and beard, and is 6’2" tall, and always wears expensive suits.

Powers: Amazing Intellect, Inventor, Superhuman Flower Arrangement Senses
Family: Lizbet Integer (Daughter)
Base: Kerratos the Floating Citadel


Transiston is a former hero who has hung up his cape in order to let the younger generation take over. He lives vicariously through younger heroes, selling them gadgets of all sorts in order to make their lives easier. He is the man to see about anything and everything, as well. He has many sources.

Sir Isaac Integer is actually known internationally for something entirely different. The florist monopoly he has held on Borderline City and many other countries world wide has launched him as the premiere flower arrangement master. He teaches a class on Tuesdays and Thursdays for all who seek to be enlightened in the art.

Already retired from hero work before hero teams became the ‘in thing’, Transiston hasn’t been affected much by all the recent changes. His business has been doing well, although many believe he’s ready to retire from selling gadgets to heroes and giving the business to his daughter. A suggestion that tends to cause his face to pale whenever it’s brought up.


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