Spelling it Big since 1973


MegaSpell’s appearance has changed over the decades. She often appears as an old kindly woman when hiding her presence, that is rarer these days. She usually appears as a twenty-something brunette in a ridiculous looking wizard’s robe that makes her look like a cosplay/renfair hybrid.

Power wise, she has the full nine yards. Fireballs. Summoning. Shape-changing. Etc.


No one knows MegaSpell’s true age, but she’s at least been twenty since 1973, when she made her first appearance in the Tri-City area, with her dispelling of the (not quite) ancient curse that the villain “Imamummi” put on the New Normslund downtown area, which would make it turn into cheese by the year 1973, in the spring. The date’s significance is still unknown, but everyone’s glad the city didn’t get even more cheesy than it is.

Known for her incredible magic powers, MegaSpell is sought out by warriors who prove themselves in ancient rites and tests to become heroes. It is rumoured that some of the finest heroes in the Tri-City area are in fact enchanted by MegaSpell. Her current residence is New Normslund, but she has abodes in all three cities, which are rumored to all be magically linked for her instant travel needs.

Always an attendant of every HeroCon, people can always find her there, or at her spell book signings.

Having no time to join a hero team, MegaSpell focuses entirely on her own personal research or whatever amuses her at the time. To be fair, she hasn’t really done much hero’ing for years, so nothing much has changed.


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