Heroes Anonymous 20XX

Police Visit

Our heroes drag the survivors and victim of the Hugogggyoth cult attack to the police station, where they are allowed to interrogate them. Hijack starts with one of the cultists who, after a bit of ‘convincing’ with mind control, spills all the beans. At least, all the beans he knows, which isn’t much being a grunt. The group does get an address of the cultist meet-up point, at least.

Afterwards, Stopwatch speaks with the woman they rescued, who doesn’t know much. She is apparently a minor conduit that ‘Hugo’ used to channel the two horrors into the real world. On our hero’s way out of the building, they are stopped by one Arron Ivor, a police officer that wanted to thank the heroes for saving him from The Spelling Bee and his minions back at the Museum of Generic yadayada.

Realizing the officer might know something, our heroes question him and come to the realization his memory had been altered. After some mental digging on Hijack’s part, she discovers the face of the real perpetrator that made off with the artifact. Officer Ivor offers to assist the group figuring out the identity of this masked man, and leads them to the police database.

While Hijack stays behind to go through the archive, the rest of the group head out to inspect the address they pulled out of the cultist. Unfortunately, the warehouse was completely cleaned out. Like, literally. Even The Janitor could not find a speck of dust to wipe clean. Clearly, whoever was here (likely cultists), they cleaned up after themselves when they ditched the place.

Meanwhile, Hijack’s search through the database discovers the identity of the masked villain: Spade, a former hero. Apparently a master of illusions, magic, and a dabbler of mind control, Spade was part of a team of supers called the Four Suits, before one of his allies was mysteriously killed and the team vanished. Whether the remaining Suits are helping Spade or not is currently unknown.

Finally, Hijack receives an email saying the sender has information regarding their investigation, referring to themselves only as “D”. Our heroes plan to meet this mysterious stranger at the park the next morning…


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