Heroes Anonymous 20XX

Bee-t Down

Our heroes make their way through the hordes of minions to the back of the Museum of Generic Science and Human Culture. Swarms of bees posed a bit of a problem until Hijack managed to get the fire suppression sprinklers activated, which drove the bees away.

Finally entering the Ancient Cultures branch from both sides, our heroes find The Spelling Bee holding the Medallion of Ikthor. He does not even get a chance to begin a monologue before Killzone leaps into action and takes him down.

The remaining minions put up a fight, doing quite a lot of damage to Erica Brightfield, who thankfully does manage to survive the hail of AK47 rounds. However, without their boss, they quickly surrender.

Afterward a brief interview with a police inspector, who they never caught the name of, the fully formed team head to the Hero Highrise to take a look at their new digs. And take showers. Sadly, it isn’t quite what they expected.


ruadvin ruadvin

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