Hero Highrise

The Hero Highrise
Superpower Tower

It has many names, but it is now the most famous building in Borderline City. Home to the vast majority of Hero Teams that have formed in due to the Hero Team Support Bill, the STP is funded by city tax dollars. Any villain that wanted to attack the tower would need to have some serious firepower considering the number of heroes living there. Or crazy. Likely both.

Our group of heroes live in the Hero Highrise. Most teams get an entire floor for living quarters, workshops, laboratories, or whatever else they need. Due to a bureaucratic oversight, our heroes don’t actually get that. Instead, they’re allowed to use the space basement of the tower as their base. It’s not much, like, at all. However, our heroes decide to make the best of it, and have managed to make it relatively livable.

Our hero’s base consists of:

  • Personal Quarters x2 (8 personal sleeping quarters)
  • Command Center, which consists primarily of a phone
  • Workshop, for maintaining equipment
  • Training Room(Basic), for working out, as well as access to the tower’s private firing range
  • Magical Lab, for magical experiments (duh)
  • Specialist Library, containing various informative books on Occult and Magical topics
  • Computer Lab, jacked into the best internet connection Hijack could find nearby
  • Kitchen, with a tiny fridge which is constantly fought over for space and a microwave
  • Garage and Hangar, for whatever vehicles the group acquires… currently limited to Arturo Erikson’s truck
  • Security Cell, complete with a power Nullifier for temporary incarceration
  • Generator, which is large and fairly noisy, which isn’t surprising considering it’s meant to power the whole building separately from the local power grid

Hero Highrise

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