The Vanmoth

Created by artisans of ancient Borderline City (or at least where BC would later be founded), the Artifacts of the Vanmoth are magical items of varying degrees of power ranging from nearly mundane to extremely powerful. Although most are relatively mundane. According to legend, when all 13 artifacts are brought together, and the proper ritual performed, they resonate with one another to… well, do something. Nobody is sure, exactly, what they’re supposed to do. With five of the artifacts missing for ages, nobody has been able to figure out what they do together.

In recent times, the rogue former-hero named Spade has been collecting these artifacts. Has he discovered what they’re supposed to do together, and intends to carry out this ritual? Maybe he just thinks they’re shiny? We don’t know, but he leaves a calling card at the scene of each artifact he steals.

What we know Spade has stolen thus far, and the card left behind…

  1. ?
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  3. Adrymyr’s Dagger – Nobody really knows who “Adrymyr” is, but everyone admits that his (or her) dagger is exceptionally sharp, and can actually easily cut through most metal armor. Was kept at a BC museum before being swiped.
  4. Rock of the Glib Altar – Scientists can not figure out exactly what this does. Or why it was found at the Glib Altar. For all purposes, it seems to be just a rock. Was held at a BC museum before being swiped.
  5. The Keystone – Was one of the lost artifacts, formerly hidden in plain sight over the gate of the ESPER Academy. Apparently, this hiding place did not work very well.
  6. Scepter of Portals – Capable of making instant-travel portals between two places the user has been to before. The hero MegaSpell is in possession of this artifact, and its rumored this is how she travels from city to city so quickly. She is absolutely furious after having it stolen.
  7. Orb of Thunderbolts – A clear orb filled with lightning. A BC museum used it as a plasma globe that visitors can touch to entertain children by making their hair stand up… before it got swiped.
  8. Medallion of Ikthor – Formerly held in the Museum of Generic Science and Human Culture. Nabbed while our heroes were distracted by The Spelling Bee and his goons at the same location.
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Artifacts our Heroes haven’t encountered yet

  • Cape of No Hope – Wearing this cape drains all sense of optimism out of the wearer, leaving them as an incredibly annoying pessimist. Kept at the Borderline High Security Museum.
  • Mask of Raid – Anyone wearing this mask can choose to take on the appearance of anyone they have seen before. It does not change the wearer’s voice. Protected in Transiston’s flying fortress.
  • Ring of Sight – The wearer of this ring can see (ie. spy upon) any person they have previously met. There are rumors the person being watched can see an eye wreathed in flame while being watched. But it is one of the lost artifacts, so cannot be tested.
  • Spoony Lute – Used by a bard in ancient times, this lute looks like it was made out of a giant spoon. Supposedly can charm any that hear its tune, but since it’s a lost artifact, it’s impossible to test.
  • Staff of Rle’hu – A staff used for a great many magical rituals, is likely the focus of the ritual that all 13 artifacts are a part of. Whereabouts currently unknown, as it’s one of the lost artifacts.
  • Teller of Time – When asked what the time is, this piece will respond with a rich, deep voice proclaiming the relative time: “One hour after daybreak,” “Two hours after lunch,” “30 minutes before sunset,” etc. Not very impressive in modern times, considering nearly everyone has a watch (or clock on their phones), but it was pretty handy at the time it was made. Was used in the Mayor‘s office, but was moved by BC police to a ’secure location’ when they figured out the artifacts were being targeted.
  • Token of Chance – A flat disk with two different sides, which was often used to decide the outcome of a disagreement. However, this artifact was enchanted to slightly favor the user. One of the lost artifacts.


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