Short Fuse

What a blast!


Short Fuse likes to blow stuff up. That’s it. No other real motive here.

At a young age, the youth now known as Short Fuse learned he had two powers that seemingly have nothing to do with each other, but allow for some inventive fun. First, he learned that he had the ability to transform himself into pretty much any inanimate object. Second, he found out he could literally explode, with no damage to himself.

The combination of these two powers allowed him to indulge his fascination with blowing stuff up, then quickly transform into rubble before any cops showed up (allowing him to get away with it). Fortunately, the villain seems to have more fun blowing up objects than people, although civilians and heroes (and sometimes other villains) frequently get caught up in his blasts.

Our heroes encountered this explosive villain during the assault on Transiston‘s fortress, disguised as a simple decorative plant, waiting for the heroes to get close enough to do what he does best (explode). Fortunately, thanks to a warning from Transiston, he was taken down before he could do any damage. Other than blowing up Transiston’s vault before the heroes arrived, presumably.

Short Fuse

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