Captain Masochisto

Beating himself, to beat crime


His enigmatic eyes and pure white spandex costume (often soaked red with blood) are quite unique for most heroes. He wears a silver cape, and a gold mask. Considering his relatively tall 6’4” frame, large muscles, his tight outfit leaves nothing to the imagination.

Known Powers: Flight, Regeneration, Super Strength, Damage Conversion


Although tall, fully muscled and strikingly handsome, and one of Borderline city’s most valorous heroes, Captain Masochisto is more of a pariah. He has no corporate sponsors, few fans and few enemies willing to fight him. However, his arrest rate is stunning, even comparing him to the more distinguished heroes from Karabou.

Captain Masochisto is a regenerator of the highest degree, a power of which only equals his appetite for pain related activities, including bowling (he being the bowling ball). His unusual style of crime fighting tends to cause would be villains to become queasy and surrender, or in the case of Torturess, the S&M Queen, cause her to torture for GOOD so Captain Masochisto no longer can target her. He has foiled more plots with his face, than most heroes have with actual weapons.

Arriving in Borderline city in the late 70’s, he first appeared under the name “Captain Face Stab” but was politely asked to change it by the press, as at the time he preferred stabbing himself in the face to prevent crime. Neither this tactic nor the name worked well, so Captain Masochisto was born, the hero who suffers for the good of everyone.

Despite the rising popularity of Hero teams, the good Captain has not joined a team. Primarily because nobody actually wants to be on his team, but also because his unique crime-fighting techniques work on teams of villains just as well as singular targets.

Captain Masochisto

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