Iron Bear

Totally Not Zangief


Six foot six, dark hair and eyes, covered in muscles. This Russian certainly is a ‘bear’.


Most villains fight for money, power, dedication to an evil god, or perhaps some misplaced ideal that involves mass-slaughter and destruction. Iron Bear fights because it’s fun.

At first glance, one might assume super strength is Iron Bear’s power. While he certainly is stronger than the average man, Iron Bear’s true power is the ability to absorb kinetic energy from any attack using metal. This includes bullets, metal bats, swords… you get the picture. This power makes him nearly immune to such attacks, and it even allows him to channel the absorbed kinetic energy to enhance his own muscles, making him even stronger.

This particular power set makes Iron Bear particularly effective against police, who are commonly forced to employ firearms in a city filled with super heroes and villains, and heroes who rely upon guns or swords. Even if they realize Iron Bear’s power, he is often strong enough to overpower those that usually rely upon such weapons.

But otherwise, Iron Bear is simply an incredibly strong human. Heroes that can keep out of his reach and attack from afar (using non-metallic weapons, of course) often have no trouble dealing with him. Just don’t throw a car at him.

Our heroes encountered Iron Bear at the teleporter pad to Transiston‘s home, KFC, while on the way to stop Spade’s assault to retrieve one of the artifacts he has been collecting. Presumably, he was left to guard against any police reinforcements, but our heroes were able to detain him before he got too strong.

Iron Bear

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