Child caught up in a villain's plot


A normal, 9-year-old girl with long brown hair, attending the prestigious ESPER Academy.


Jessica Archibold was an average girl attending the ESPER Academy (as ‘normal’ as you can be while attending such a place). She had average grades, few friends, and was not really part of any clubs. What she is good at is the creation and control of force fields, which unfortunately attracted the wrong kind of attention.

One day while headed to school early, she stumbled right into some strange man doing something to the school’s gate. Using threats against Jessica’s parents, backed up with some generic mind-control empowered intimidation, the man got the girl to remain quiet about seeing him, and to lower the force fields she conjured around him.

Later, remembering her power (and her susceptibility to intimidation), the man returned and forced Jessica to help him on his assault of Transiston’s fortress, where our heroes first met her. In the end, Jessica managed to help the heroes capture Spade as he attempted to escape the fortress. Thanks to her efforts, the police were willing to overlook her unwilling assistance to a villain, and was allowed to return to her normal life.


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