Chief Inspector Denny

Detective Know-it-All


The youngest police inspector in city history, 24 year old Lilea Denny has naturally occurring, lilac colored hair and eyes and is quite cute. She is always wearing her inspector’s coat and a matching skirt, making her appearance rather expected when she is sighted by the press.


A former detective hero turned Chief Inspector, Chief Inspector Lilea Denny is brilliant, but also known for a fairly severe Pocky addiction. She is never without the delicious, Japanese candy.

Also known as Sherlock, and Detective Know-it-All, she was a junior detective at the age of 12, helping the police solve the impossible cases. She began to come into contact with heroes and villains during this time, and decided that if she was going to step it up a notch, she’d have to be able to bring in the baddest of them all. She did just that, finding info on the mobster/villain King Cobra and having him and his entire operation arrested. After this, she was given an honorary role in the police force.

This turned to be a real position when she started arresting more and more criminals, until Commissioner Lavender assigned her the task of being the head detective of the city. The fact that she just is of an age when most have barely finished high school means nothing to the police, who have began to finally compare to the arrest counts of the heroes they sometimes work alongside.

She has a complex about her childish looks, having not changed much in the last 5 years. Those that work with her know to avoid the subject, but meeting her for the first time is sometimes like traversing a minefield.

Chief Inspector Denny

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