Big B, the Evil Mayor of Borderline City


He is known to wield the Sceptre of Dominion, a powerful staff that protects him and can rain down death and destruction. In addition, his legion of villains, myriad of doomsday devices and immense amount of ally and enemy secrets leaves few with the power or will to try to take him down.


Lord of the Night Court, the Bureaucraton is the self-appointed Evil Mayor of Borderline City. His reign begins and ends with the fall and rise of the sun, but his presence is made known everywhere in the insane laws he passes to ruin the lives of ordinary citizens. His law to double the price of matinées at theaters is one of a dozen such examples that he enforces with terror to any who do not obey. Most still remember the 2005 Left Shoe Only Thursdays law, and the most horrible hair ban of 2003.

He leads by example, following every rule he sets into motion, enforcing them using his influence of mind and muscle, the latter coming from the legions of villains that swear fealty to him. He is known to command the Shadowclad, a sword wielding warrior of the highest skill level. Most villains have served him in some capacity at some point in their career, if they don’t still. With his ranks full of psychotic and powerful minions, it is little surprise that he is the most powerful and mysterious villain of Borderline City.

As of yet, none have been able to stop him, or even learn his day time identity. Even the miraculous Masochisto has not been able to foil the terror inspired laws that pass through his dark court.

In the last year, Bureaucraton has been oddly silent. Some theorize he has actually passed away, and the knowledge of his passing has been kept secret by his closest henchmen trying to maintain power. Others believe he is simply biding his time for something major, but cannot offer any ideas what it could be. With all of Bureaucraton’s power, what would he need to bide his time for?


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