The Spelling Bee

Refuses to Beehave


A tall man with a brown goatee, angular features, and extremely long eyebrows. Despite those features, he might go unnoticed while walking on the street if he didn’t wear such an outlandish Yellow and Black uniform and armor to match his bee-controlling powers.


A minor villain with a surprisingly large following of mostly-useless henchmen, The Spelling Bee’s primary power revolves around controlling bees. Not that it really helped him much in his first encounter with our Heroes, who promptly took him out before he could begin a monologue.

It’s still a mystery as to why he was after the Medallion of Ikthor from the Museum of Generic Science and Human Culture, why he wasn’t smart enough to realize the one he grabbed was a simple replica, and where he got the money to arm his henchmen with some impressive weaponry. Perhaps we’ll get some answers whenever he recovers.

The Spelling Bee

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