Heroes Anonymous 20XX

Warehouse Raid

Why do they always hide in warehouses?

Our heroes meet with the father of Club and Heart, Spade‘s former teammates, trying to track down any clues to the villain’s whereabouts.

The interview leads them to a well fortified warehouse. Hijack comes with a plan that involves using Emilia’s sex appeal to attract the lonely door guard outside their fortifications, where she can mind control and interrogate him at her leisure.

Once inside, thanks to a timely distraction by their new mind-controlled friend, our heroes use the element of surprise to get the drop on Heart, as well as the few guards that were still remaining. Heart orders his minions, and convinces his sister Club once she returns from investigating the distraction, to surrender. Fighting would ultimately lead to more deaths that their boss would find unacceptable.

Now in custody, perhaps our heroes can get some answers.


ruadvin ruadvin

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