Heroes Anonymous 20XX

The Key(stone) at ESPER Academy

Our heroes are shocked to learn that the Medallion of Ikthor they had previously kept out of the clutches of The Spelling Bee has been stolen! Their only clue to the perpetrator was a playing card left in the medallion’s place: the 8 of Spades.

With some research, our heroes discover the medallion is a set of 13 artifacts that, when combined, are used for some mysterious magical ritual. Five of these artifacts have been ‘lost’, location unknown, but the other 8 are still known. At least, until the Medallion of Ikthor was stolen, which perhaps makes it a ‘lost’ artifact as well.

While researching, Hijack recognizes one of the ‘lost’ artifacts from her time at the ESPER Academy. Located above the main gate of the school, the Keystone is apparently one of the lost artifacts, hidden in plain sight by the founder of the Academy. Unfortunately, when they try to inspect the artifact for new clues, they discover the Keystone currently over the gate is merely an illusion, replaced by a single playing card: the 5 of Spades.


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