Heroes Anonymous 20XX

Meeting in the Park

Not very subtle

Our heroes head to BC Central Park to meet this mysterious “D” that claims to have information for them. They arrive early to scope the place and make sure it’s not a trap. Using his super speed and xray vision, Killzone scouts around and finds nothing particularly dangerous. The Janitor discovers a suspicious squirrel, but cannot get it to talk.

Finally the mysterious informant shows up, and is apparently Chief Inspector Denny herself. She provided some information to our heroes: Spade killed his partner (it wasn’t an accident) and is trying to acquire the Vanmoth artifacts to do whatever ritual they’re apparently a part of. Denny also reveals 4 more cards the police have found, including one that was stolen from MegaSpell.

Finally, Denny offers some confidential files containing info on the private lives of Spade’s two living former teammates. She has no idea if they’re still involved, but maybe they have some info our heroes can get out of them.


ruadvin ruadvin

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